1. Jennifer Wallis

    Thanks for this article. I am a Christian and am having so much trouble because I am also a yoga instructor. I own my own studio so I am teaching all the time. This has really helped answer some questions for me. When I teach I don’t say anything daemonic or wrong. I just teach a class, I don’t encourage people to worship different gods or deities, so I never thought I was doing anything wrong but people have been coming down on me saying I should stop practicing yoga because it is daemonic. I should only do some stretching. I never got a straight answer what the difference was. But I honestly believe my yoga practice is not daemonic or bad. So thank you

    • MariaKuzmiak

      Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. I’m so glad the post was helpful. I’m not sure where the idea that yoga is daemonic comes from, but I have noticed such discussions seem to be deeply based in fear. As I’ve grown in my spiritual practice I’ve let go of most of the fear of “getting it wrong” that I once had. Even if there are potentially harmful practices, that’s not unique to yoga, and when it happens it’s likely because of misguided teachers, not yoga itself.

      You are the best judge of whether your yoga practice is helping or hurting you in any way. You might be interested, if you don’t already know of it, in the Christians Practicing Yoga website. There are many Christian yoga teachers who may help reassure you that you’re not involved in a daemonic practice. 💙

      • Jennifer

        I am looking up the website right now. And I loved your response. Thanks so much. When I taught this morning I felt great, much lighter, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with my stumbling upon your website.
        Thanks again.

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