1. Joe

    Love this! Surprised you didn’t mention the yoga tenant to quiet the mind. This is exactly what the Ignatian Exercises strive to do.

    • MariaKuzmiak

      Yes! Thanks for adding that, Joe. Quieting the mind is an important part of the spiritual exercises and another thing yogis and contemplative Christians have in common. In a real way, my yoga practice has helped me “be still and know.”

  2. Joe Salchert

    I’ve done Ignatian Retreats for years, and am currently taking a 200 hour Yoga certification, and some of the parallels are striking to me. I feel like Ignatius and Patanjali (Yoga Sutras) would have been amazing friends.

    Have you seen any good books making the comparisons? Would love to dig deeper on the topic.

    • MariaKuzmiak

      Yes! If you haven’t already seen it, check out the Ignation Spirituality & Yoga website (ignatianspiritualityandyoga.com). They have lots of resources, including a book list.

      One of my favorite books on the connection between Christianity and Yoga is “Jesus in the Lotus” by Russill Paul.

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